Pick Up Truck Camper Shell

Pick Up Truck Camper Shell - How you can use pick up as a camper

Pickup truck camper shells are manufactured for those who use their trucks daily for work, but in the weekend they like to go out to nature and have a warm place to sleep.

Camper shells can be easily installed on a truck and dismounted just as easily. Manufacturers of pick up camper shells

Leer pickup truck camper shells

Leer camper shells come in a lot of varieties, and today the company has won the fame as being one of the most reliable camper shell producers.

They have truck caps with extra space, stylish designs and caps that are perfect as an overnight shelter. Their model 180 has a full height door and extra space which makes loading and unloading your stuff much faster and easier. This camper shell is great for camping, offering a safe place to sleep overnight, but it is also perfect for carrying larger items no matter where you go.

A.R.E. pickup camper shells

These campers are very popular in the United States, and they have even more models to choose from than Leer does. Some of the most popular models of A.R.E. campers are the RT series, the X series and the TW series. They are all made of a resistant fiberglass and they are available in more colors. If you own a truck, you will surely find a suitable camper shell for it at A.R.E.

Jeraco camper shells

The Jeraco fiberglass camper shells are custom made to fit the truck that you own. They are known for their aerodynamic designs which will make driving fast and easy, and it won’t slow you down on your trip. Jeraco has camper shells that fit on Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC, Isuzu, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and more. Once you selected your truck you can select the year it was made in and the model, and this way find the most suitable camper shell for it in just a few clicks.

Snug Top

Snug Top manufactures camper shells such as the Super Sport, Rebel, Hi-liner and others. They have a model for the latest truck designs with an exclusive profile that comes with a one piece fiberglass construction, exclusive hidden mounting system, and an optional roof rack where you can carry bikes and other stuff that you need to bring along on your travels. If you need a camper shell which will never fall apart, get the Snug Top Super Sport.

Buying pickup camper shells

Local Dealers

Both Leer and A.R.E. allows you to browse for the closest dealers in your area through their website. This is a great option for those who would like to see the whole collection in life and not just online. Through the websites of the manufacturers you can also contact the staff who can give you further options.

Auto Anything

This website lets you find pickup truck camper shells in a few easy steps. They have a system where you can browse for available products according to manufacturer, model and year of making. They also offer free shipping and sales on certain products.

Andy Auto Sport

This website is the best place if you are looking for Ford camper shells. They have almost all models of Ford camper shells, even custom made ones. They have 97-98 Ford F250 camper shells, Ford F350 camper shells and more.

Visitor's Story

If you enjoy camping and do not want to have a camper tagging along, you can install a camper shell to your pick up truck.

Many people today have decided on a smaller camper space and settled for a pick up truck camper shell as a way to spend the time outdoors and on the road.

This has proven to be economical with gas prices the way they are now and the way it looks like they will stay for a while.

Whether you have the year 1999 or the year 2000 pick up truck, any year for that fact you can buy a camper shell that attaches to the bed of the truck.

It is easy to remove the camper shell when you need to use your truck for other purposes. These camper shells are usually made of fiberglass, but today aluminum materials have come to the construction of the camper shell.

The slide in truck shell allows you to easily attach or detach the camper shell. The shells offer more amenities than a regular truck camper shell and act more like a pop up camper than people actually realize.

The truck campers work nice for long trips to California for the sun and fun or to Colorado for some mountain camping while hiking. Wherever you take the truck camper shell, you have comfort that you need to rest and get some sleep while out on the road.

Whether you have a pick up truck camper shell or a slide in truck camper, you can experience the same satisfaction when camping outdoors. The camper shells are durable and usually last longer than the truck itself does. Recycling of the camper shells goes on for years because of the durability and quality materials used to construct the shells.

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