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Where to Find Camper Van Conversion Plans

Building your own camper van is an excellent way to create a vehicle according to your preferences and needs plus it may be even less costly than buying a new one.

Converting van into a camper is not as difficult work as most people may think.

If you have some mechanical experience and have some design skills you can create a camper that will perfectly suit your need.

Beside the experience in mechanic and design skill, you will also need camper van conversion plan.


 What do camper van conversion plans feature?

With the help of the camper van conversion plans, you can convert any van or any other similar vehicle into very functional and useful camper. These plans cover all the aspects of the conversion job including interior panels, cabinetry, plumbing, wiring, window installation, water systems, appliances, bunks, and more. All the necessary details are provided in these plans so an amateur can create a wonderful camper. Of course, you can modify the plan according to your style and needs.


Camper van conversion plans are very useful because they cover all the phases of the construction and they guide you through every stage of the camper van conversion. Furthermore, these plans are very practical as if you build the camper van that exactly suits your needs with the help of the plan, it can be a lot cheaper than giving your van to the professionals to do the conversion job. Not to speak about buying a new camper van, that can cost you a fortune.


Camper vans conversion plans are highly essential. If you don't have a plan you can waste a lot of time and materials. If you get a plan you will know all the details you have to do, what order to do them in, and what materials and tools you should use for converting a camper van.


Where to find camper van conversion plans?


Van camper conversion plans may be found and ordered on sites like

Amazon There you will discover very handy plans, which are full of detailed and highly illustrated instructions.

They explains how to choose the right van for your needs, how to fit the roof, the windows and furniture.

Also they feature step-by-step guides to fitting cookers, water supply, wash-stands, heaters and so on.

Since they cover every aspect of the construction, they give a person who is converting a van into the camper the confidence needed to successfully finish the conversion job.

Apart from these sites, camper van conversion plans can also be found on other sites where lot of people who went through the conversion job gave their ideas and their experience in order to help others do the same work.

Their prices range from $20 to $60. Which one to choose is the matter of your preference. No matter what plan you use, camper van conversion has never been easier than now. With the reduced cost, increased availability of parts, tools, materials, used vehicles and plans you can create your own dream camper van.

Building the perfect camper using camper van conversion plans just gives the camper more of a personal touch and pride of being able to say, "I built this little unit". Conversions require taking a van any year, maybe a 2003 or a 2002, taking the inside and building a spectacular mini home. This is not a simple task, but with dedication, even you can do this type of job.

Last year at a recreational vehicle custom conversion show in North Carolina, I saw many exceptional vans that professionals built and some built by the owners themselves. These conversion vans seem to have a lot to offer anyone wanting to travel and go camping anywhere. I saw many different makes and models, different years and the popular pop up camper tops.

Because of the towing possibilities, one person who used the conversion plans also built a fancy trailer that was enclosed, with a wind reflective top angle for taking other personal items along. I have to say, I was impressed with all the imagination and hard efforts that went into designing and building these camping vans. The extraordinary amount of time and the workmanship totally amazes everyone who sees there incredible conversions.

When you see some of these vans in the campgrounds and area parks, you will probably not be able to tell the difference between a professional built van and an owner that used the camper van conversion plans. Some of these are quite magnificent. I think there is one in North Dakota sometime soon, I will have to check on that and if I find it, I will definitely let everyone know. The show is a one of the shows you want to see and talk with the owners who have built the conversion vans from a shell of a van. Enjoy your camping adventures and rest easy in any camper you have for traveling.

Visitor's Story:

Need camper van plans to build one?

The camper van plans allow someone to take a van and turn it into a first class camper with all the necessaries needed to call it home.

I happen to run across a friend from Nevada who had purchased a 1996 or 1997 Chevy van and had designed plans, with the help of purchased plans, for a nice customized conversion camper van. The top resembled a pop up camper, because it rose up for further expansion.

He added all the things one would find in a RV. It had a small kitchen, with a small dining area and a bedroom for the wife and him. Since it was an extended van, he had a lot of room to work with. After adding the little washroom and put in a surround sound system with satellite television, he was all set to get going.

I met him in Nebraska at a campground for a week of discussion on his accomplishment. Since both of us enjoy camping and seeing new ideas, we always have a great deal to talk about all the time. The parks are great up in that area and whether you have a pop up camper trailer or a van, the times around the fire discussing camping equipment always provides for interesting stories.

He told me about the efforts that went into building the camper using camper van plans that he used with a little coaching from the plans he bought. Combining his needs and the features the other plans supplied, he had designed a one of a kind van camper.

I must say, this was a beautiful little camper and the price was definitely right for anyone, I would actually recommend to anyone that this type of camper is worth making for yourself. It gives a completely new meaning to the phrase “Conversion Van”.

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