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What you should know before making decision to buy a used 5th Wheel Travel Trailer.....

When it comes to buying a used fifth wheel travel trailer, nothing is more important than finding the one that is in good condition and that perfectly matches your needs. 

As we all know very well – the price always plays very important role in buyer’s decision.  It is true especially in the case of expensive items like for example travel trailers. Certainly used fifth wheels can save you a significant sum of money, which is clear advantage of buying 2nd hand travel trailer.

Buying used fifth wheel travel trailer requires certain steps that should be taken before making final decision. The most important aspect is to inspect the vehicle from the bottom to the top.
The inspection should include and/or take into consideration the following:

  • mileage (that may be difficult, however an estimation may be done based on the production year and overall condition;
  •  wear and tear,
  •  functionality of appliances and pumps,
  •  overall condition of the exterior and the interior including slide-outs,
  • condition of the vehicle's tires and wheels,
  • functionality of all vehicle's systems (electrical power, water, brakes ….. ).

Out of mentioned items, the mechanical state is the matter of security on the road and that is why it should be preferably inspected by someone knowledgeable and experienced who knows “weak spots” of the given 5th wheel‘s model.  For example integrity of the frame (if it is intact or may be bent, cracked, corroded etc…), condition of tires (uneven wear indicates problems with alignment), state of brakes etc…

An example of the used 5th wheel travel trailer - magnificent Forest River Cedar Creek model.....

The next important thing that should be seriously inspected when buying used fifth wheel is structural integrity. In other words whether the leak stains on the ceiling are present, whether there are soft spots on the floor,  whether the entry door are working smoothly…..

It’s hard to imagine enjoyable vacations without appliances. That is why all of them should be thoroughly inspected not only for possible visual damage. Their operation and functionality should be tested to make sure they can be safely and efficiently used by the new owner. The list should include refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, air conditioner, heating system etc…  

Checking the used fifth wheel includes making sure that the entire water system works properly.

Before buying a fifth wheel, you should check for leaks from the fill hose and tank.

First, you should close all the faucets and turn on the water pump.

If the pump cycles after its first run that means that there is a leak.

After you shut off all the faucets, make sure that the water pump stops. Also you must check whether there are any leaks under the sink.

Further, you should check is there any evidence of water damage like warping, bubbling, mold or mildew. On the outside you should check is there any rust, dents or frame damage.

Moreover, if you decide to buy a used fifth wheel travel trailer you must thoroughly inspect the vehicle both inside and out for any signs of damage or rusting. Obviously, you are not going to buy a vehicle that has indications of any kind of damage.

Although buying used fifth wheel travel trailer is affordable way to get a recreational vehicle for your dream travel, it is very important to purchase one that is in very good condition in order to avoid spending additional sums of money on repairs.

In other words you do not want your dream to turn into nightmare….

To finish in funny note - let's watch together unbelievable: VW Bug pulling a 5th wheel camper!

Visitor's story.......

You can look for a used fifth wheel travel trailer in Iowa, Kansas or any other state by researching some websites online.

The older years such as a 1995 or a 1996 for instance can found for an affordable price. You might find a Prism or a Keystone with many accessories needed to have an enjoyable trip.

You will find a used 5th wheel camper with awnings, microwaves, air-conditioning, gas grill and carriers. You can find the older models for under ten thousand dollars. This of course, depends on how many foot wide the trailer is and how wide.

Most of the 5th wheel trailers are 8 ft wide although you might find other widths with different years. I did find a fifth wheeler that was considered a luxury unit with an outside shower, four door refrigerator, ceiling fan, electric leveling jacks and a twenty-three foot awning along with a microwave and television.

This appeared to be a nice unit, decorated nicely inside. I found the pictures of the exterior and interior to be quite appealing. Many people sell the 5th wheel online so that more people have an opportunity to shop and it also gives the seller more exposure especially if they live in small town.

The fifth wheel travel trailer I found recently had some impressive specifications such as a hitch weight of only twenty-three hundred and sixty pounds. It also had a one hundred and twenty gallon water tank, with a forty-gallon black water tank. The grey tank was fifty-five gallons. This was definitely a nice find for a used fifth wheeler.

I think it also had a bedroom slide and two additional slides. This would definably add more space and comfort inside the camper.

It was also equipped with all the accessories to be comfortable and a park cable plug for hookup.

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