Pop Up Camper Power Converters

Camper power converter -that is something you will certainly need when camping....

People camp because they want to enjoy in beautiful things in life.

While camping they are willing to feel comfortable and wish to have life conditions as close as they have at their homes.

This means using ovens, refrigerators, lights, blenders, TVs, VCRs, toasters, water pumps and other accessories which needs electricity.

All these devices must be powered by AC from shore power, a generator or from power converters.

Benefits of power converters

Most pop-up campers come with a power converter which main task is to change 120 volts (AC) to 12 volts (DC). This means that everything that runs off a normal house current can be made to run off 12V (DC). 

Most RV parks and campgrounds have AC power of various voltages. When your pop-up camper is connected to AC power a converter transforms the 120V AC to 12V DC power to operate 12V accessories such as lights or any other appliance inside your pop-up camper.

Power converters are very useful things in the campers. It is almost impossible to imagine a pop-up camper without a power converter. Their usage nowadays is a necessity if you plan to use any appliance while you are travelling with your pop-up camper.

It is almost unthinkable to start your vacation with a pop-up camper with no power converter inside. Specially if you are planning to spend some time parked in primitive areas where electricity is not available. Since modern me on are used to some benefits in everyday life and it is very hard to get used to the worse conditions than the ones they are enjoying at their homes. Most of us are accustomed to use lot of appliances and can't imagine life without them.

That's why it is very important to provide electricity in the pop-up campers in order to connect all the popular items that need energy. Power converters are ideal solution as they provide safe, reliable, filtered DC power to all 12 volts appliances.

Maintenance of power converters

In order to last long period it is essential to maintain them properly. When we speak about their maintenance, it is vital to take care about incoming AC voltage, because if the power converter gets too many volts or not enough volts, it can be damaged or it can damage any electrical device that is turned on.

Also it is very important that the polarity is correct as wrong polarity will cause the converter malfunction or it will not work at all. Apart the polarity, you should also make sure that electrical connections are dry, clean and tight.

How to choose a power converter

When choosing a pop-up camper power converter, you have the possibility of choosing amperage to make sure that you have enough power for all your appliances.

As far as the cost of the power converter is concerned, it varies depending on the dimension, type and amplifier rating. The more amplifiers, the more power the converter can handle. According to the model of the pop-up camper you own, you can choose the size and the type.

As you may see the pop-up power converter is an essential item in the campers in order to provide you more comfortable and more pleasant staying in your vehicle.

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