Bike Rack for Pop Up Camper

Bike rack for pop-up campers can greatly enhance your contact with nature...

If you are planning a trip with a camper and you want to bring your bikes along, bike racks are perfect solution for you. Bike racks are ideal for all the campers who don't like to waste valuable space inside the camper by putting their bikes inside. Furthermore, bike racks will help you make sure that your bikes are safe while in transit.

There are many options for all sizes and types of campers. No matter if you want to haul one, two or maybe four bikes, you can be sure that there are racks that will perfectly fit your needs and your budget as well. Mostly bike racks for campers can carry either two or four bikes. They can be placed at the front of the camper or at the rear of the camper.

The most popular brands of bike racks for campers are Thule, Fiamma, Swagman.

Thule is a very popular brand of bike racks because they produce bike racks of very good quality that are famous for its durability and their easy usage. The price of the Thule bike racks varies considerably from one bike rack to another. There are many models of Thule bike racks such as: Thule Elite, Thule Lift, Thule Sport…

-          Thule Elite bike rack can be extended up to 4 bikes, has load capacity up to 60kg and has lockable platform.

-          Thule Lift bike rack can be extended up to 3 bikes. The base can be lowered and raised by using a 12V motor and this bike rack has load capacity up to 50kg.

-          Thule Sport bike rack can be extended up to 3 bikes, has lockable platform to prevent from moving during transportation and has load capacity up to 50kg.

-          Thule Excellent bike rack has load capacity up to 60kg, has automatically lockable platform and can be extended up to 4 bikes.

Fiamma is also well-known brand in the world of bike racks. It has been present on the market for about 60 years thanks to their quality, reliable and safe products. There are some different models of Fiamma bike racks for campers Fiamma Carry Bike CL, Fiamma Carry Bike Lift 77, Fiamma Carry Bike Pro and more.

-          Fiamma Carry Bike CL can be installed on most campers under the rear window. It is set to carry up to 2 bikes but can be adapted for a third bike.

-          Fiamma Carry Bike Lift 77 is a unique bike rack becauser it enables the wintch system to lower to 77cm. It can carry up to 60kg, it is set to carry 2 bikes but can be adapted for up to 4 bikes.

-          Fiamma Carry Bike Pro can be installed on all kinds of campers. It is considered to be the strongest bike rack on the market. It is set for 4 bikes up to 60kg. 

Swagman has been producing superior bike racks for more than 20 years. They offer very strong and quality designed bike racks for all campers. Here are some of the bike racks' models: Swagman RV Ladder bike rack, Swagman 4-bike towing bike rack, Swagman Trailhead 4.

-          Swagman RV Ladder bike rack  will help you transport your bikes comfortably and efficiently. This rack features a stable construction, can carry up to 2 bikes and fits to most campers. It can be easily installed and removed.

-          Swagman 4-bike towing bike rack is set to carry up to 4 bikes, has flexible top plate to accommodate different types of bike sizes.

-          Swagman Trailhead 4 can transport up to 4 bikes, has anty-sway cradles that prevent bike to bike contact.


Visitor's Story

Have you noticed that more and more campers riding down the rode with the bike rack pop up camper carrier attached. Many of us love to ride our bikes around the campgrounds and visit with other campers.

Because of this, the bike rack carrier provides transportation of up to as many bikes as six for the entire family. This is another great thing about popups and traveling if you ask me.

When traveling with a pop-up that has the bike rack, you can stay in places like Pennsylvania and bike all over the towns around the campgrounds. Imagine all the sightseeing you can do without a car to slow you down. I started taking the bikes along back in 2003 and have since added a couple more. I have two ten speeds and two mountain bikes. My wife and I can go anywhere.

We were in Oregon in 2004, they had a bike race at the campgrounds, our neighbors used one set of bike we had, and they beat us. It was a fun time and the entire campgrounds gets involved in these competitions and afterwards, we have a big get together and talk about anything we want. It is so much fun having the bikes along that I do not know how we ever managed without them.

The bike rack pop up camper carrier fits either on the backend of the popups or on the top. You can carry four bikes comfortably and I have seen as many as six bikes.

In some areas of our travels, we use the bikes quite regularly, but some places we just do not seem to have enough time for bike riding. We do however enjoy ourselves.

Look around and see if you can find a new or used bike rack and take the bikes along, if you have kids this is a great thing for parents.

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