4x4 Camper Vans For Sale

This time all about 4x4 camper vans for sale - what, where, how much and more....

4x4 camper vans are similar to SUVs (Sport Utility Vans).

Often such camper vans are in fact simple 4 wheel drives that are converted into campers in various ways.

There are some companies that specialize in converting such 4 wheel drives into an off-road camper that you can enjoy no matter where you go.

What to do before buying a 4x4 camper van

4x4 camper vans come in many types and models. Before you start looking for one you should consider what will you need it for and how long your trips will be.

Things to consider are for example the size of the camper van and its weight, the manufacturer and the model, and of course your budget. Choosing the size is relevant because you will have to store and drive around the camper van, and while the bigger the camper the more comfort it offers, often you end up buying something which either doesn’t fit into your garage or it consumes too much fuel.

Before you begin looking for a 4x4 camper van also decide how much money are you able to spend on it. This will help you narrow down manufacturers or models, and you will save considerable time.

Finding a good price

4x4 camper vans are expensive. Not only because they are off road vans and they can access a lot of places that other cars cannot, but also because they are some of the most durable and strong vans that you can find.

Finding a fair price for both the seller and the buyer is not so easy. Before you purchase a 4x4 camper of your choice, it is important to know a few things so you are not cheated. This is especially relevant if you are buying from a private person, because often in such cases prices don’t depend on the actual value of the camper.

In order to avoid regretting after buying, have a list with all the important things that you want the 4x4 camper to have, and all the things that you should check before you buy. This is especially important when you want to buy a used 4x4 camper. Electrical units should always be checked besides the overall ware of the van. Take the van for a test drive before you buy it.

Where to look for a 4x4 camper van

Local dealers

When it comes to buying a camper such as a 4x4 camper, you have several options. You can go the traditional way and look for a dealer nearby

Buying from dealers has some pros, such as more models to choose from. Most dealers also offer warranties and they are usually quite reliable. However, you should think about the added cost that comes along with purchasing something from a dealer, who is like a middleman. If you choose to purchase a 4x4 camper from dealers, you can easily find them through the website of the manufacturer, or through your local RV dealer.

Private sellers

Another option that you have is looking for private sellers who would like to sell their campers. Private sellers can be found both online and offline. Newspaper ads and classifieds often have separate sections for various types of camper trailers.

Shops and online stores like eBay or Yakaz also have many private sellers that you can contact online in an easy way. While private sellers don’t have the middlemen costs and you can often get a good bargain, they are not as reliable as dealers and you will have to spend a lot of time making phone calls and looking in newspapers or websites such as eBay.

Manufacturers and models of 4x4 camper vans

Sportsmobile 4x4 camper vans

The Sportsmobile 4 wheel drives are perfect for an off road adventure, while they are also fuel efficient and easy to drive on the highway. A Sportsmobile 4x4 comes with options such as various accessories and kits, like the Black Rat Recovery Kit, the Trojan Expedition Kit, or the Warn HD Winch Kit. If you want to go to an outdoor adventure, the Sportsmobile is definitely a good choice. The price of such a 4x4 van starts from $70,000 new and goes up.

Quadvan 4x4 camper vans

This company has a lot of 4x4 vans for sale that have been converted to be campers offering various comforts. Besides 4x4 camper vans this company also manufacturer wheelchair vans. The Quadvan 4x4 camper vans are also called Real Power "Houses" because of the comfortable sleeping space they offer.

Presentation of 4x4 Lifted Camper Van

Visitor's Story

If you are looking for 4x4 camper vans for sale, you will want to look at online classified ads and camper magazines as well as your local newspapers.

These vans are good for some rough country roads and hold up under pressure.

The interiors are amazingly beautiful and people do everything they can to fix them up and make them as comfortable as possible.

Some of these vans also have the popup tops for more headroom. Although they are small inside, they do provide enough room for two to three people to sleep.

They might even have an icebox, small sink and a couch that at night folds down into a bed. You can even have a small closet or some top cabinets for storage. Under the back couch/bed, you can also store some items. With the proper lighting, you can camp comfortably and stay comfy wherever you travel to around the countryside. If you look at one for sale, you will want to decide if you need a used or new one and go from there.

If you do find one for sale used, you need to inspect the engine and the popup top if it has one. You want to make sure the entire package comes free of defect and no possible problems soon after you buy it. It is no fun at all being on the road and breaking down. If you look at the new camper vans, you might find one that comes with everything you want and then some. These campers are very nice for traveling.

Not all 4x4 camper vans for sale are top notch. You need to no the facts and specifications about the van before deciding to buy one. You will enjoy the ride if you do buy one, so that will not be a problem.

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