Build Truck Camper

Build truck camper and customize it the way you want and need for a comfortable travel and camping experience.

Whether you get a truck shell from either a short bed truck camper or a standard size pick up truck camper shell, you can build camper with all the added amenities that give you a comfortable camping adventure.

When you decide that to build a camper will be affordable and allow you the ability to customize it the way you se fit, look around and do some truck camper comparisons to get an idea about the setup and space you will require. This may not be possible to do with a van or a four wheeler, but the plans to build camper with proper materials provides you a one of a kind campers for trucks.

When you build truck camper, some parts such as used truck camper jacks can be brought and used for your project. The tent pop up travel trailer or build a camper is a decision only you can make.The finished truck camper will take you on travels to all areas of the country, visit Missouri and Montana while you enjoy the truck camper that you built for you and your family.

When you build camper with the available trailer hitch attached to your truck, you can take along a motorcycle or a bike and have even more fun while traveling and exploring the sights everywhere.

So look around at some truck camper plans and build camper that allows you all the comforts and hit the road to enjoy your customized truck camper built as your one of a kind campers. This will be something to talk about and show off to everyone, they might even ask you to build truck camper for them!

Conversion Truck Camper

Just about any kind of truck can be converted into a camper. There are people all around the world and even professional companies who convert regular vans and trucks into comfortable campers that you can use to travel around the world or camp in the weekends.


1.      Why?

Converting a truck into a camper makes it more low profile, fuel efficient and there you have it, a comfortable mobile home that is just the way you want it to be. Converted vehicles give you more freedom to have a mobile home which is just the way you want it to be. You have two options when it comes to truck camper conversions: you either make your own using some tips from the internet, or you find a company that will make it for you. In either case, you will end up having a lovely and very convenient vehicle that you can use for camping.

a.      Making your own

When you make your own camper, make a list of things you want to have inside for your comfort. First of all you will need a truck and a camper shell. The truck should be big enough for a nice bed in the back. The rest can include bed, lights, fans, heating units, storage space and so on. You can use used things from your house or buy second hand units from flea markets.

Once you have this all set up, you need to figure out the electrical system. It is essential to have a battery installed in the vehicle for music, TV, appliances and lights. Once you installed the battery you can think about the LED lights and lamps that you want to have inside the camper.

Another relevant thing to consider is maximizing the storage. For sure that at first you want to bring along as many things that provide comfort as you can, but make sure that you use space smartly and that you have enough left to move around and to store your things. Installing hooks and shelves is a good idea, and a great place for storage is under the mattress.

b.      Companies that make conversions

It is amazing what a wonderful job some companies can make with a regular truck. Teams of professionals join together to make your regular pick up van into a place as comfortable as your home. These companies won’t let you down and if you have imagined your dream camper, they will make it for you.

Majestic Motorhomes

Majestic Motorhomes call themselves the luxury conversion specialist. They make your very own camper according to your wishes and specifications, and they convert your already existing truck into a great camper. They have customers all around the world and it is worth to take a look at their work.


This company also makes custom truck conversions. They are known for their top quality workmanship and their skillful conversions. They mainly convert coaches and trailers, but they also do smaller vehicles such as trucks.

Visitor's Story 

The project is to build truck camper without overspending and overdoing the design and weight. Determine your floor length and the floor width.
Measure the truck bed for your height and the exterior width and length.
Figure out your dry weight and your water weight when filled. Will you have a 15 gallon tank or bigger. Now figure out if you will have a dinette bed, this is good for sitting and then pulls out for sleeping.

If you plan to have an LP tank, microwave and a TV antenna, you want to add the weight for these items. You need to watch your weight when building a truck camper. The weight your truck can handle verses the weight you add for the camper needs to be compatible. If the weight is not right, by just a little, you could ruin your frame or shocks and in some cases your engine.

Now if your truck is an older model such as a 1995 or a 1996 you might be limited with the weight you can add to the bed of the truck. Always check your owner’s manual when building or even buying a camper. Once figure the weight you can have and the weight you are allowed, you are ready to start. Try to find a place near you that offers weight checks, I know in New Hampshire or New Jersey they have places that can weigh your total vehicle and then you know the exact weight. If you have a problem with the weight after you start constructing the camper, you can always alter your plans.

Build truck camper from scratch and see what a nice camper you will have after completing the project. Because it is a truck camper, you should have an easier time then if you were building a pop up camper from a trailer.

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