Truck Camper Shells

The truck camper shells are durable and sturdy for traveling anywhere you choose.

Camper shells are highly convenient items used for trucks for many people who wish to have additional storage.

They are at least cab-high and commonly feature side windows and a rear window that meets the tailgate and locks down.

Camper shells are so-named because their main purpose is to turn truck into a camper. Commonly known as toppers or caps, camper shells are actually small housings mounted on the top of a truck bed.

Generally, they are made of aluminum or fiberglass but also can be made of thermoplastic or steel.

While fiberglass camper shells when used for 4-wheeling may crack, thermoplastic shells are extremely durable and lightweight thus they are very popular choice. Yet, fiberglass camper shells have the advantage of being able to be produced in stylish forms, which makes them an interesting choice. There are also custom-made camper shells designed to the exact size and paint of the truck.

Toyota converted to an RV....

Being large enough to serve different functions, truck owners may decide to buy and install camper shell on their trucks. From the practical point of view, camper shells provide more storage for tools, hunting or fishing equipment and even groceries - protecting these special items from weather elements. Camper shells can also be used as sleeping area so you will not have to bother with renting a motel room or setting-up a tent. With the camper shell mounted on the back of your truck you have a limitless amount of applications and functionality for your truck.

No matter for what you will be using the camper shell, it should also match your esthetical requirements in terms of design, shape and colors. Given the large offer from different manufacturers it should be not that difficult to find the one that will match your style and taste.

Apart from being very functional and useful items, camper shells also add to the beauty of the truck and completely change the physical appearance of the vehicle. Still the most practical reason why many truck owners decide to buy a camper shell and install it on the truck is the convenience of having more space for whatever you are planning to carry with you.

The space is not the only benefit of camper shells. They also keep your cargo absolutely safe and secure from potential theft and protect the cargo from all kinds of weather conditions-sun, rain, wind or snow. Furthermore, camper shells change the aerodynamics of the truck thus increasing the gas mileage.

The good thing about camper shells is that they don’t require a lot of maintenance.

This means that you can wash it whenever you wash your car using soap and water.

After washing you should dry it so it will not leave any unwanted spots on its finish.

Abrasive cleaners musn’t be used as they can damage the shell. There are many camper shells on the market nowadays.

Some of them are more popular, some have higher quality than others so deciding which camper shell to buy is a bit difficult. However, the most famous manufacturers of camper shells are LEER, Snugtop, A.R.E., FlipPacshell, Lifetime shell, VistaAlpine Shell, Gemtop and VistaFiber tops.

Pickup truck + camper shell + some imagination and then you have a fuel efficient, low cost RV

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The truck shells come in many different styles and colors.

A Bigfoot truck camper and a hard camper shell Nissan truck are comparable and both are nice campers. You have the ability to attach or detach the truck camper shell when you are not using the camper.

The Chevy truck camper shell is made just like all the rest, but fits a Chevy truck bed. Whether you choose a four wheel camper, van or a fifth wheel camper (5th wheel camper) you are sure to find truck camper shells that can meet your needs.

Some older model truck shells are constructed from different materials than what they are today. Truck camper shells fit a truck bed and then allow you to tow a boat trailer or a trailer with a motorcycle and other things.

If you need you can also add a bike rack on the backside of the truck camper shells for the family bikes.

The possibilities are endless for what you can take with you.

Traveling to different areas of the country such as Oregon and Pennsylvania provides for some great camping experiences.

The truck camper shells allows you to travel and set up pretty much anywhere due to the fact that you can just stop and sleep in your camper anytime. There are many reasons why people prefer the truck camper shells.

The truck camper shells stand up and hunters especially like the truck campers for convenience out in the woods. Perfect for crawling in, curling up and going to sleeping the night hours and early rising for the hunt.

Truck camper shells are ideal for many great adventures and traveling. So if you a have the truck and you have an adventurous side, take the move with the truck camper shells.

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