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If you plan your next RV-vacations you may find helpful this Directory of Campgrounds: Tent and RV Trailer Camping Parks in USA….

Usually we think we know our country quite well.

Yet each time we start planning our next vacations we find it amazing discovering how many places are not only unknown to us, but we did not even know they exist!

 For sure everybody at least heard about most famous areas to visit like Yellowstone or Yosemite, Grand Canyon etc….

 National Parks (to name only few “flagships” of national proud), but this is not the real image of America. 

 The country has zillions of “hidden gems” shaped by the hands of Mother Nature and Time – beautiful landscapes, be it mountains, lakes, rivers, forests…

 This page tries to take you along the “roads less travelled” pointing to campgrounds, tent and RV Trailers camping parks helping to re-discover America. I hope everybody will find here something to at least consider for future vacation plans……

.....Some people say our state parks are a window to our past, but rather they are more like a door to our past: we can walk through that door and viscerally experience the history of California. Indeed, you can tell the entire history of California through its 47 state historic parks......

Tent and RV Camping Parks Missouri (MO)

Mountains and valleys, lakes and caves, forests and farmlands in Missouri, they all come together and make a beautiful scenery enabling all the camping lovers fantastic outdoor adventures. Wonderful campgrounds placed are all around. Missouri Long Branch State Park, Camelot RV Park, Indian Point are some of many.

  • Long Branch State Park is located on the shores of the 2000-acre Long Branch Lake.
  • Camelot RV Park is situated 1 ½ mile north of Poplar Bluff.
  • Indian Point is an excellent campground on the White River Arm of Table Rock Lake in the mountainous Missouri countryside.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Montana (MT)

Montana has many perfect spots where you can camp. If you want to enjoy studded nights, the clear sky, the fresh air, or the abundance of natural wonders Montana's campgrounds such as Madison River Campground, Fort Peck Lake Campground or Willow Creek Campground will give you the pleasure to experience that.

  • Madison River Campground is placed in the beautiful countryside of southwest Montana, in the Beaverhead National Forest.
  • Fort Peck Lake Campground is located outside of the Rocky Mountain, near Glasgow.
  • Willow Creek Campground is about 15 miles southeast of Gibson Dam.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Nebraska (NE)

Those who love spending unforgettable time experiencing outdoor activities, Nebraska's campgrounds are ideal solution. This state has so much to offer river valleys, vast grasslands, quite prairie streams and lovely campgrounds like Enders Reservoir Campground, Fort Robinson RV Campground or Branched Oak Lake Campground.

  • Enders Reservoir Campground is located 2 miles east of Enders.
  • Fort Robinson RV Campground is located west of Crawford.
  • Branched Oak Lake Campground is 15 miles northwest of Lincoln and 3 miles north of Malcolm.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Nevada (NV)

Nevada is not only bright lights and jackpot fever of Las Vegas. Nevada has many natural beautie,s which you may enjoy if you stay in some of numerous campgrounds spread through Nevada. Here are some of them: Meadow Valley Campground, Valley of Fire State Campground, and Water Canyon Campground.

  • Meadow Valley Campground is located at the south end of the Mt. Wilson volcanic caldera, near Pioche.
  • Valley of Fire State Campground is 55 miles from Vegas.
  • Water Canyon Campground is only 15 minutes south of Winnemucca.

Tent and RV Camping Parks New Hampshire (NH)

New Hampshire is full of attractions. This state is so beautiful that one mustn't miss this great experience of spending some time in New Hampshire's fantastic campgrounds. These are just a few of them: Coleman State Park, Sugarloaf Campground, Wildwood Campground.

  • Coleman State Park lies on the shore of Little Diamond Pond in Stewartstown, 12 miles east of Colebrook.
  • Sugarloaf campground is a quiet campground located near the western base of Mount Washington and 3 miles east of the small town of Twin Mountain.
  • Wildwood Campground is located 7 miles west of Lincoln.

Tent and RV Camping Parks New Jersey (NJ)

New Jersey is literally overfull of picturesque, natural landscapes so camping in New Jersey is something that one will never experience anywhere in the world. Some of the most popular campgrounds in New Jersey are:  Delaware River Family Campground, Kymers Camping Resort, Parvin State Park.

  • Delaware River Family Campground is located on the Delaware River in scenic Warren County near the Delaware Water Gap Area.
  • Kymers Camping Resort is placed in Sussex County in the Kittatinny Mountains.
  • Parvin State Park is hidden in the southwestern part of the state between Centerton and Vineland.

Tent and RV Camping Parks New Mexico (NM)

As busiest region in US, New Mexico has quite a lot to propose Rocky Mountains Peaks, Chihuahuan Desert cacti, awesome canyons, Rio Grande splendor and so on. Among all the attractions, New Mexico has also fabulous campgrounds where you can spend the time of your life. Here are some: Big Horn Campground, Dipping Vat Campground, Angel Peak Recreation Area Campground.

  • Big Horn Campground is placed quarter mile north of Glenwood.
  • Dipping Vat Campground is located next to the west side of the Snow Lake, approximately 50 miles southeast of Reserve.
  • Angel Peak Recreation Area Campground is 20 miles south of Bloomfield.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Ohio (OH)

Though Ohio is considered as a small state, it still has lots of places and stunning scenery for campers. While camping in Ohio one may enjoy hospitality offered by Ohio campgrounds. The most famous campgrounds in Ohio are: Charles Mill Lake, Dillon Lake campground, Mill Creek Camping Area.

  • Charles Mill Lake is located on the Black Fork of the Mohican River,
  • Dillon Lake Campground is situated approximately 6 miles northwest of Zanesville and 20 miles east of Newark.
  • Mill Creek Camping Area is an ideal family campground located on Berlin Lake in northeastern Ohio.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Oklahoma (OK)

Oklahoma is a land of great plains, vast green landscapes, charming blue lakes, and rich American heritage. So you should consider experience the wonders of Oklahoma visiting some of Oklahoma's fantastic campgrounds such as: Oak Glen RV Park, Lake Thunderbird Campground, Cedar Lake Campground.

  • Oak Glen RV Park is a wonderful place located in Chandler.
  • Lake Thunderbird Campground is about east of Norman and about 30 miles southeast of Oklahoma City.
  • Cedar Lake Campground is located on the shore of 90 acre cedar Lake in the scenic Ouachita Mountains.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Oregon (OR)

Since Oregon is very beautiful US state a large number of tourist come to Oregon to enjoy wonderful and adventurous vacations. Oregon has many national parks as well as RV camping grounds. The following are the most visited ones: Tri City RV Park, Cascadia State Park campground, Cinder Hill Campground.

  • Tri City RV Park is a beautiful place located between the magnificent Cascades Mountains.
  • Cascadia State Park Campground is located on the western slope of the Cascade Mountains, where Soda Creek flows into the South Santiam River.
  • Cinder Hill Campground is placed along northeast shore of East Lake in Newberry National Volcanic Monument.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Pennsylvania (PA)

Pennsylvania is really a great place to visit. Its wonderful farm fields, endless mountains and excellent road provides unlimited fun for all campers. The best campgrounds in Pennsylvania are: Buckaloons Campground, Tionesta Lake Campground, Woodcock Creek Lake.

  • Buckaloons Campground sits on the confluence of the Allegheny River, Brokenstraw Creek and Irvine Run in northwestern Pennsylvania.
  • Tionesta Lake Campground is located in the rugged hills of northwestern Pennsylvania.
  • Woodcock Creek Lake is located north of Meadville in central Crawford County.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Rhode Island (RI)

Though Rhode Island is a tiny state, it is very attractive tourist destination for its numerous beaches and wonderful places for camping. Here are some of the most popular campgrounds in Rhode Island: Burlingame Campground, George Washington Campground, Colwell's Campground.

  • Burlingame Campground is situated next to Watchaug Pond in Charlestown.
  • George Washington Campground is located within the 4000 acres of George Washington Management Area and on the shores of Bowdish Reservoir.
  • Colwell's Campground sits on the shore of Flat River Reservoir also known as Johnson's Pond.

Here are 5 national parks that are great camping destinations.
North Cascades National Park (Washington), Assateague Island (Maryland), Joshua Tree National Park (California), Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming) and Great Smoky Mountains National Park (North Carolina & Tennessee

Tent and RV Camping Parks South Carolina (SC)

Beside beautiful landscapes and natural beauties, South Carolina is wealthy in American history. This state provides great area of national and state parks that are perfect for camping. Calhoun Falls state Campground, Cherry Hill Campground or Modoc Campground are few of the most popular campgrounds in South Carolina.

  • Calhoun Falls State Recreation Area Campground is multi-use recreation area on Richard B. Russell Lake.
  • Cherry Hill Campground lies in the shallow upper valley of West Fork Creek in the Southern Appalachians.
  • Modoc Hill Campground is a popular park on J. Strom Thurmond Lake, just 5 miles from the Thurmond Visitor Center and Dam

Tent and RV Camping Parks South Dakota (SD)

South Dakota has many fabulous campgrounds very near to the main attractions, which will enable you to experience all kinds of outdoor activities. The following are the most visited campgrounds in south Dakota: Horsethief Lake Campground, Iron Creek Horse Camp, Pectola Lake Campground.

  • Horsethief Lake Campground is located 10 miles south of Hill City.
  • Iron Creek Horse Camp is placed 13 miles outside Custer.
  • Pectola Lake Campground a beautiful campground located in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Tennessee (TN)

Tennessee is covered with mesmerizing mountains, deep valleys, exotic rivers, and lush green meadows and as such is very attractive. That's why you can find many excellent campgrounds in Tennessee like Lazy Acres RV Park, Over-Niter RV Park, Spring Lake RV Resort.

  • Lazy Acres RV Park a specious RV Park is located in Jackson Bend Road.
  • Over-Niter RV Park is situated half mile off the interstate Athens and is very near to Knoxville and Chattanooga.
  • Spring Lake RV Resort is placed in Crossville.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Texas (TX)

Texas is very large state and has beautiful beaches, numerous campgrounds, and huge opportunities to enjoy various outdoor adventures. Here are just few campgrounds that are very attractive for campers: Black Creek Lake Campground, Caddo Lake State Park Campground, and Ebenezer Park.

  • Black Creek Lake Campground is located on the north shore of the 35-acre Black Creek Lake in Decatur.
  • Caddo Lake State Park Campground is 15 miles northeast of Marshall.
  • Ebenezer Park is located in southeast Texas.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Utah (UT)

Utah is a wonderful state for camping thanks to its stunning natural beauty that anyone had ever seen before. The famous campground in Utah are Bountiful Peak Campground, Canyonlands Campground, Devils Garden Campground.

  • Bountiful Peak Campground is set in an alpine basin high in the Wasatch Mountains.
  • Canyonlands Campground is perfectly located in the town of Moab.
  • Devils Garden Campground is located deep within the heart of beautiful Arches National Park in southwestern Utah.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Vermont (VT)

Vermont is really great destination for campers who want to enjoy all that this state has to offer-breathtaking views, wildlife, lot of adventure. The most popular campgrounds in Vermont are: Lone Pine Campsites, White River Valley Camping, Little River State Park Campground.

  • Lone Pine Campsites is located in the Lake Champlain Valley.
  • White River Valley Camping is placed in the Green Mountains.
  • Little River State Park Campground very popular campground is located in central Vermont.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Virginia (VA)

Virginia is known for its wonderful and very popular campgrounds where all campers can enjoy various outdoor activities that Virginia has to offer. Some of the famous campgrounds in Virginia are: Bear Creek Lake State Park, Lake Fairfax Park and Mountain Spring RV Resort Campground.

  • Bear Creek Lake State Park is nestled in the heart of Cumberland State Forest, less than an hour west of Richmond.
  • Lake Fairfax Park is located in Reston.
  • Mountain Spring RV Resort Campground a family oriented campground situated at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Stuarts Draft.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Washington (WA)

Washington contains a diversity of natural beauty waters, mountains, forests, numerous wilderness areas. In one word, Washington is a heaven for campers which is the reason why Washington has numerous campgrounds. Here are a few of them: Collins Campground, Fort Spokane Campground, Kayak Point County Park Campground.

  • Collins Campground is a quiet campground located along the Duckabush River.
  • Fort Spokane Campground lies on the shoreline of Lake Roosevelt.
  • Kayak Point County Park Campground is located on beautiful Puget Sound with views of Whidbey Island and Camano Island.

Tent and RV Camping Parks West Virginia (WV)

Extraordinary wildlife, numerous historic sites, exciting recreational opportunities is what makes West Virginia extremely interesting for campers. This state has plenty to offer including lot of lovely campgrounds such as: Big Bend Campground, Summersville Lake campground, Tea Creek Campground.

  • Big Bend Campground is located in the Smoke Hole Canyon next to the South Branch of the Potomac River.
  • Summersville Lake Campground is situated near the town of Summersville in Nicholas County.
  • Tea Creek Campground is nestled at the juncture of the beautiful Williams River and the scenic Tea Creek.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Wisconsin (WI)

Wisconsin is a state full of cultural, historic and arts attractions, it boasts stunning natural beauty, amazing lakes, wonderful forests and excellent campgrounds providing all camping lovers to enjoy everything that Wisconsin offers. Some of the popular campgrounds are Amnicon Falls State Park Campground, Devils Lake State Park Campground, Mirror Lake State Park campground.

  • Amnicon Falls State Park Campground is located along the Amnicon River.
  • Devils Lake State Park Campground is situated along the Ice Age Trail in Baraboo.
  • Mirror Lake State Park Campground is located just 3 miles from Wisconsin Dells.

Tent and RV Camping Parks Wyoming (WY)

Wyoming is incredible land with amazing terrains, geysers, hot springs and other natural beauties which amazes everyone. This state is perfect for campers and it is no wonder that it has numerous fantastic campgrounds such as Battle Creek Campground, Boulder Park Campground, Esterbrook Campground.

  • Battle Creek Campground is a small rustic campground on the west side of the Continental Divide.
  • Boulder Park Campground is located about 50 miles east of Worland and on the west side of Cloud Peak Skyway, near the Cloud Peak Wilderness area.
  • Esterbrook Campground is nestled within a pine forest along a broad ridge north of Laramie Peak.

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