Beach Camping Parks - Campgrounds Maine (ME)

Finding beach camping parks and campgrounds in Maine is the must for every visitor to this state....

Ridge View Resort
Yorktown Road
Albion, ME 04910
(207) 437-9226

    This camping resort operates all year round. You will find here all types of accommodation.

So whether you come here with an RV, tent or choose to rent a cabin, you are welcomed anyway.

The RV camping sites have full hookups, with extra space to expand.

The tent sites do not have numbers  so you can make your own choice.  The cabins are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. There are two bathhouses on the campground and a large main building where you can find a large gathering  room and a fully equipped kitchen.

For a great time and relaxation try the heated pool, a hot tub or the Finish sauna. The children or even grownups can enjoy the game room.  Numerous trails make the campground great for biking, hiking or horse rides. In the winter, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling are among the favorite activities here. It is worth to mention that the cabins are well insulated, so you won’t feel the cold weather if you decide to spend time here in the winter.

Pleasant Lake Camping Area
371 Davis Road
Alexander, ME 04694
(207) 454-7467

    You can camp here regardless of the size of your RV as they accept any size including large motor-homes. Full hookups in the RV camping sites, dump station, LP gas and wireless internet are among the facilities you will find if you camp here. Campers with tents are also welcomed. It is an excellent campground for the family, because it has a great beach and a playground for the children. At the beach, you can relax sunbathing or swimming, or you can go boating and fishing.

A recreational hall, a local store and laundry services are also available in this camping area. Pets are welcomed in the camping grounds, so you can always come here to a complete formula. The campground will be closed during the cold season, but starting from the Memorial Day you can enjoy the magnificent sandy beaches until the date of Columbus Day.

Visitor's story.....

If you have ever wondered, what people do when they travel to Maine you will find that one thing they do is find beach camp parks - campgrounds Maine (ME).

And stay at them for some great times. The area is filled with beautiful scenery and some exquisite views. If you choose campgrounds out around the countryside, you will enjoy the entire experience.

While you visit the area, do not forget to do some sightseeing around the area of your campgrounds. One of the most spectacular things I ever saw in Maine was the Victoria Mansion. This beautiful creation just amazes everyone who sees it with all the fine architecture.

Now something exciting is the Lulu Lobster Boat Ride where you will have one experience you will never forget. With all these attractions around the campgrounds, you will have some great adventures. Another thing people love to do when camping in Maine, is taste all the delicious foods that offer.

If your ideas of beach camp parks- campgrounds Maine (ME) are filled with sun and relaxation, you sure will find it in Maine. The campgrounds offer all the hookups you need and some even have other activities to do for the entire family. Whether you go sightseeing or relax around the camp, you will enjoy yourself.

Beach Parks Maine:

Ridge View Resort
Yorktown Road
Albion, ME 04910 (207) 437-9226

Pleasant Lake Camping Area
371 Davis Road
Alexander, ME 04694 (207) 454-7467

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