Pop Up Camper Rentals Indiana (IN)

Find best RV rentals in Indiana to explore its nature, attractions and amusements parks in the comfort of rented RV camper or motor-home….

Indiana is one of these states where travelers can easier “taste” many of its beautiful attractions when on an RV-trip.

As opposed to traditional opinions that Indiana is just full of corn-fields and farms, there is another, brighter side of this state.

And good news for RV-ers - Indiana has some of the best campgrounds in the nation.

Indiana has two of the country’s most unique theme parks: Indiana Beach and Holiday World. Holiday World is located in Santa Clause; it is very unique theme park that celebrates Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Fourth of July with rides and attractions. The park’s specialty are three wooden roller-coasters. Another amusement park in the state is Indiana Beach located on Lake Shafer where six roller coasters, waterpark and a “kiddy land” attract large number of tourists.

The world largest Children Museum is located in Indianapolis and it is an amazing place with 5 floors, over 105,000 artifacts and a huge area for children of 5 and under. While visiting Indianapolis you mustn’t forget the Indianapolis Zoo, located amidst the White River State Park. It is a Zoo, an aquarium and a botanical garden, kind of “all-in-one”. For those who enjoy fishing, hunting and hiking, Hoosier National Forest is an ideal place.

History fans can really enjoy visiting Conner Prairie with its four different areas: the Lenape Indian Camp, Conner Homestead, Prairietown, and Liberty corner. In each area, visitors can learn about Indian’s life in the past. When you travel through Indiana, you have the opportunity not only to learn about life of Native American tribes but also about Amish people. Amish Country is the region rich in heritage and friendly Amish communities still using horse and buggy for traveling.

One of the most recognized landmarks in America is Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument which serves to commemorate the Hoosiers who served during the Revolutionary War of 1812.
If you are hesitating about what to visit in Indiana, the best option is to rent a camper and make a tour around the state and see as much as you can. Here are some places where you can rent a recreational vehicle.

Please note that Greenwood RV Rentals recently opened office in Fishers.

Source: www.greenwoodrvrentals.com

Greenwood RV Rentals is located south of Indianapolis and supplies customers with Class C RVs, travel trailers and pop up campers. Luxurious Class C motor homes will provide enjoyable travel thanks to their comfortable bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and the living space. If you have a car and need a travel trailer Greenwood RV Rentals offers these vehicles with the same luxury amenities as Class C motor homes. If you like smaller and less expensive recreational vehicles, pop up campers offered by the rental company seem to be a good compromise between security & comfort of indoor sleeping and your budget.

 Greenwood RV Rentals
 415 Park 800 Dr Ste A
 Greenwood, IN 46143
 Website: greenwoodrvrentals.com

Source: www.hideawayrvrental.com

Hideaway RV Rental is a small female owner-operated company located in Anderson, Indiana providing vehicles for family vacations. Their camper and RV rentals can also be used as mobile offices at trade show events. Furthermore, the company offers RV campers that can be used as emergency or temporary housing for displaced families. The offer consists of well maintained, clean and well organized travel trailers and pop up campers that suit everybody’s budget. Each vehicle is equipped with at least one HDTV with a DVD/CD player and plenty of conveniences helping you to spend your vacation without any troubles. The rates range from $65 to $150 on a daily basis.

Hideaway RV Rental
912 E. 53rd Street, Suite 1
Anderson, IN 46013
 Website: hideawayrvrental.com

Family RV is located in Whiteland, Indiana. They offer several types and sizes of late model Class A Gas and Diesel motor-homes, Class C motor homes and luxury Class A Diesel motor homes. Class C motor homes can sleep the largest number of people comparing to other motor homes. They include a bed over the cab area where you can step into from the living area while Class A Gas motor homes have more space but less beds. These are larger vehicles but more luxurious. Class A Diesel motor homes are largest and the most luxurious units with multiple slide outs for extra room.

Family RV
5049 N. 300 E.
Whiteland, IN 46184
Website: familyrv-rentals.com

Visitor's story....

I have always preferred camping instead of going for lodges and hotels.

Indiana, the city of Great Lakes was perhaps the best choice for my trip.

But I couldn’t think of camping without my most reliable pop up camper rentals Indiana.

Indiana offers a lot of natural wonders to enjoy and I begun my trip with turkey run state park.

This place truly relates to you about how Indiana got molded to its present level through ancient times.

You can explore old plantation, few sandstone unique structures along with interesting activities like canoeing, hiking, fishing and they also have a special nature center. I also enjoyed visiting Marengo caverns in south east Indiana it was indeed a rare experience as the entire path is well established and you also get to canoe in nearby rivers to complete your adventure. The place had a great café, rare cave exhibits and some great gift shops for memoirs.

Camping near waterfalls was the most exceptional experience I can set apart in this trip. Indiana has some of the largest waterfalls like cataract falls, Clifty Falls state park etc. The place also boasts of 610 feet long amazing man made excavate along with rocky hiking tryout.

The falls of Ohio state park located on Ohio River has a unique Devonian fossil bed. It has quite motivating exhibit galleries and video presentation to engulf your attention.

There were several other interesting places which I could not visit but even these places were quite splendid. Sleeping under open sky, under nature’s bed and whispering the common songs folks sing there like on the banks of Wabash, far away I felt very happy. Camping is pleasurable in scenic states with nature’s wonders but there are few organized like pop up camper rentals Indiana.

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