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Can you have great vacations using service of campers rentals in Michigan?

Michigan is a destination that attracts great number of tourists, vacationers, nature enthusiasts from all over the world.

The half of the country is covered by forests while lakes and beaches offer endless opportunities for water sports activities and sunbathing.

There are plenty of attractions – water parks, museums and scenic nature worth of seeing. Taking a tour through amazing Michigan in a camper is maybe the most exciting and interesting way to explore this state.

If you decide to visit Michigan the first place you should see is the Lake Michigan with its state parks and surrounding national forest. Around the lake you may see a variety of dune formations, with the most unique ones making Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Silver Lake State Park and Saugatuck Dunes State Park.

Another great attraction that must be seen while visiting Michigan is a coastal city Holland –known of its Dutch heritage. It is located on the shores of Lake Macatawa which leads to Lake Michigan. Lovers of sunbathing and water activities will find here several public beaches along the shoreline (the most popular are Holland State Park and Tunnel Park). If by any chance you come to Holland in May, make sure not to miss the major attraction of Holland - Tulip Time Festival when millions of tulips grown along the streets, in parks and near tourist attractions cover the city in beautiful spectrum of colors (well, being the “Dutch Heritage City” obliges…).

Michigan attractions ......

Heading towards Ann Arbor, you will have the opportunity to visit Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum which are amazing places for nature lovers. The garden covers the area of 300 acres, has several nature trails and lot of outdoor displays.

The Mackinac Bridge is also an astonishing attraction connecting the Lower Peninsula at Mackinaw City to the Upper Peninsula at St. Ignace. This is one of the longest suspension spans in the world. If you are an outdoor lover, the visit to the Mackinac Island should be on your list. This lovely place offers hiking adventures along some of the most scenic views.

And if you are travelling with the kids you definitely have to go to Detroit and visit Detroit Zoo which is recognized as an animal kingdom. Isle Royal National Park is for those who like rugged terrains and real adventures. The four season destination in Northern Michigan is Traverse City which attracts thousands of tourists each year. This place never closes for tourists - offering skiing activities during winters and then water activities during summers (you can enjoy boating, kayaking and canoeing….).

On the whole, Michigan is a very livable state and certainly the best way to explore its attractions is by going on an RV-ing trip across the state.

Source: www.hallmacrvrentals.com

HallMac RV Rentals is located near Detroit and renting motor homes, trailers and pop ups. Also the company arranges a wide variety of RV rentals through a network of individuals. In other words you can rent privately-owned recreational vehicles…

HallMac RV Rentals
44170 Grand River Ave
PO Box 318
Novi, MI 48376
Website: hallmacrvrentals.com

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Bayside RV Rentals is the famous rental company in Southeastern Michigan dealing with renting travel trailers. All travel trailers are fully equipped with all the necessary facilities and features needed for pleasant and enjoyable trip. The units rented by Bayside RV Rentals are clean, well-maintained and are ideal for campers, fishermen, hunters or vacationers.

Bayside RV Rentals
25225 Terra Industrial Dr.
Chesterfield, MI 48051
Website: baysidervrentals.com

General RV Center is nation’s largest family owned RV dealership dealing with selling and renting recreational vehicles.

The company has locations in several cities in Michigan and offers Class A, Class C motor homes and fold down campers for unforgettable vacation.

General RV Center
12410 Dixie Hwy
Birch Run, MI 48415
Website: generalrv.com

Visitor's story......

Being a graduate from Lake Michigan College I always felt attached to the place.

A place where one can enjoy nature and listen to sound made by water traveling near you, well, that’s because it houses several lakes.

Hence I decided to have my birthday bash with my friends camping in Michigan and what topped that fun was definitely pop up camper rentals Michigan.

It’s a common belief that camping is all about lying near lakes and boring to the extent of just admiring nature.

But if one gives this a single optimistic chance just how many times exactly you get to admire nature.

For us it was a power packed fun package, as we moved in the city and discovered the most splendid places. Hunting and long beaches were exceptional experiences we all shared in the forest region of Michigan. We also visited couple of interesting museums like Detroit historical museum and Wright museum of African American history.

Island hopping was certainly we couldn’t miss on in Michigan. We began with Mackinac Island, Beavers Island to Drummond Island. The islands were interesting with lot of natural sceneries and recreational activities like scuba diving, fishing and watching birds even at odd hours. Our traveling was absolutely convenient as we had least worry of checking in and checking out of lodges.

We even spent a great day at Michigan’s adventure that combines flavor of two scoops in a single eco package.

It houses an adventure park with a wild water park with awesome huge funnel waterslide. Our movement was perhaps quick and forward throughout the trip, all thanks to pop up camper rentals Michigan that my birthday trip has been memorable yet!

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