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Kentucky is one of the best states for outdoor activities, and the way to do it is obviously by RV-ing! So find the RV and campers rental offices in the Bluegrass State

Every year a great number of people come to camp in Kentucky because it is the best country for outdoor activities.

There are numerous reasons why Kentucky attracts so many travelers.

Known as “Bluegrass State” the state offers many interesting tourist attractions.

It is also famous for its thoroughbred horses, horse racing, bourbon whiskey distilleries, bluegrass music and basketball.

One of the very popular attractions in Kentucky is surely Mammoth Cave - the largest cave in the world. Abundance of stalagmites and stalactites makes this cave a charming dream-world. Around the cave there are several campsites where you can park your vehicle and tour this amazing and unique attraction.

Another Kentucky landmark is famous Lexington Kentucky Horse Park which attracts over 900,000 visitors and competitors every year. This park lies on 1,200 acres of a beautiful land which is the home to many Kentucky Derby winners.

RV-ing on the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky

South of Lexington you will find the National Historic Landmark - Shakertown which offers walking and horse-drawn tours, riverboat cruise and music performances. Going southeast of Lexington you will reach the 65 feet high and 75 feet wide Natural Bridge. This bridge is created by the erosive forces of wind and water.

North of Lexington is the Kentucky Horse Park where visitors can see a variety of horse breeds and where they can find out something more about their traditional uses throughout the history. Another great park is the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park known as “Niagara of the South”. Here you can see how 125 feet wide falls drops into the Cumberland River.

Carter Caves State Park offers a great array of activities like cave exploring, fishing, boating, hiking, biking and other.
Traveling is a passion and it can be very exciting yet affordable especially if you rent a camper. Here is the list of some RV rental companies considered as good places for renting campers.


Northside RVs in Lexington, has been renting late models of travel trailers and motor homes, offering delivery, set-up and pick-up services for their customers. Vehicles that can be rented here are very clean, easy to use and well equipped. Motor homes come with all the amenities that you might need while traveling. The only difference between Class A and class C is that Class A motor homes have extra living space. On the other hand, travel trailers offered by the company have three different floor plans to choose from: non-slide floor plans, single slide and double slide-outs.

Northside RVs
1630 N. Broadway
Lexington, KY


East Kentucky RV boasts a great selection of recreational vehicles. It is a family owned business operating since 2000 and leading RV dealer in Kentucky. The company offers the world’s best new and used RVs and trailers. If you want just to rent one for the vacation, East Kentucky RV is the perfect place. The rental rates start from $525 for non-slide travel trailer for 3 days to $600 for single slide travel trailer and $700 for double slide-out.

East Kentucky RV
151 Market Place Spur
London, KY 40741

Louisville RV Center is a specialist in renting a great selection of rental units and has a great experience and knowledge in the business. All their units can sleep up to eight people and include many fine amenities. The company rents only Class C motor homes and the prices start from $475 for three nights depending on the size of the vehicle. If you need a larger motor home the price will be higher.

Louisville RV Center
2101 Outerloop
Louisville, KY 40219

Visitor's story......

H-O-L-I-D-A-Y, join it together and the most magical words will ring in your ears holiday.

I chart something new whenever I have to plan a weekend or vacation.

My kids now grown up a little were quite enthralling with the idea of hiking and rock climbing. Hence camping was the best choice we could plan for the holiday.

Yeah! Camping in Kentucky with pop up camper rentals Kentucky (can’t do without them).

The state has lot of exciting places one can enjoy along with hiking and exploring natural wilderness.

We had a chance to visit mammoth cave national park that preserves the longest caves with huge chambers and complex labyrinths.

The situate that really set this trip apart from the rest was Cumberland Gap national historic park. The place offers an awesome experience for travelers and hikers to enjoy scenic beauties on the way.

Another huge area that had daunted us was Big South Fork National River, encircling about 124,000 acres of Cumberland Plateau. The spot has innumerous activities for visitors amid preserved historic features and natures lap.

Natural bridge was another motivating structure as the sandstone arch was indeed a nature’s wonder. There was lot to enjoy as kids went crazy hiking, swimming and the ski lift to the bridge was splendid. Kentucky resort was also an amazing place as it had more than 19 hidden twisting caves and about 29foot underground waterfalls that too was not the end of natural surprises, few sandstone formation still doesn’t cease to amaze me in pictures.

It was perhaps more delightful to visit Kentucky as a camping shot. With appropriate arrangements on our side we had absolutely no problem in this trip. We all enjoyed tiring days and caressing night’s right under the stars. Munching on blackberries and walking along the banks of rivers I was glad to take the trip with pop up camper rentals Kentucky, a wonderful experience!

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