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Are you considering New Jersey for your next vacation? – find here NJ Camper Rentals to "cruise" through the Garden State

New Jersey is one of the most attractive and diverse state in America.

Apart from being the wealthiest state, New Jersey is also known for its rich culture and history as well as numerous world-class attractions.

One of the fascinating places in New Jersey that one visit during his travel through the state is Ocean City, a place where you can enjoy eight miles of shiny ocean and bay beaches.

Here, there are many family amusements like Gillian’s Island Golf and Water Park, Wonderland Pier, and music pier.

Another amazing place is Atlantic City which is considered as the “Gambling Capital of the East Coast”. Here all those who like gambling can try their luck in casinos. But for many, the best attraction will be the walk along the Atlantic City Boardwalk (the first one in the United States).

Lovers of water activities and sunbathing should visit “Victorian” Cape May. It is magnificent and vibrant city located at the southern tip of the famous Cape May Peninsula. On top of the “colonial” atmosphere on the street you will also find here stunningly beautiful beaches.

Worth to see are impressive museums and lighthouses such as Cape May Firemen’s Museum, Cape May Lighthouse or the Colonial House. If you are traveling with your kids, Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach Water Park is the best place for unforgettable enjoyment.

Lake & Shore RV Camping near Atlantic City and historic Cape May

 In the middle of northern part of New Jersey (near Newark) there is an outstanding green oasis - the Liberty State Park.
Near the park you will find many attractions such as the legendary Statue of Liberty, historical Ellis Island and across the river – always fascinating Manhattan Skyline. You will also find here America’s most decorated museum – the Battleship “New Jersey”. Inside the Liberty State Park there is Liberty Science Center which is a learning center and interactive science museum, great for kids and teenagers but frankly, parents will also find there exciting expositions and displays. 

Since New Jersey is diverse and magnificently interesting state with rich culture and countless attractions, it would be a great mistake not to rent a camper and start the journey across the state exploring the most amazing spots and attractions. Here are a few rental companies where you can rent a camper and start traveling.

Source: www.84rv.com

84 RV Rentals is one of the largest RV dealers in New Jersey offering a variety of motor homes, travel trailers and campers. Their motor homes are luxurious, stylish and spacious providing all the comfort of home. You will also find that more affordable travel trailers and campers can offer a lot of comfort and safety and so great vacations!

84 RV Rentals
120 Clove Rd
Sussex, NJ 07461
Website: 84rv.com

Source: www.scottmotorcoach.com

Scott Motor Coach RV Center offers two types of recreational vehicles Class A motor homes and Class C motor homes. All the vehicles come equipped with TV, DVD, microwave, awning, air conditioning, generator and more. It’s important to note that this company rents only new or low millage RV models, so your trip should be “trouble-free”. And just in case – they offer the  roadside assistance to their customers.

Scott Motor Coach RV Center
1133 Rt. 88
Lakewood, NJ 08701
Website: scottmotrcoach.com

Adventures on Wheels Inc. is specialized in providing reliable and comfortable vehicles to those who want to spend some time on the road. They offer camper vans and motor homes with rates starting at $60 a day. Motor homes can sleep up to 7 people and are fully equipped with all necessary amenities. Some of the kitchen wares can be additionally rented.

Adventures on Wheels Inc.
42 Highway 36
Middletown, NJ 07748
Website: wheels9.com

Visitor's story....

When my kids expressed their desire to visit New Jersey in vacations, I immediately showed my enthusiasm about the place.

But later I discussed this with my wife as we thought the place had nothing much to offer in countryside and it would be a dull swing.

When my wife suggested camping for the same this idea sink in and I hired pop up camper rentals New Jersey for the required dates.

We decided to camp in central region so all the major tourist attractions are easily accessible from the place.

The place has an array of forests, parks and very intriguing historic stories. The adventure was definitely much more than just hiking, swimming and sleeping under the stars.

The real fun started at the adventure aquarium with sharks being in their most adorable state. Some of the places like duke farms with splendid man made lakes, grounds for sculpture; new arc museum, turtle’s zoo and Howell living history farm gave us great knowledge about NJ history and culture.

A trip cannot be called complete without a visit to view the statue of liberty, so we pacified our eyes gazing at the amazing statue at Liberty Park. Even amusement parks were great attraction for children and there are quite a few of them like hurricane harbor and Camden children garden were quite nice.

Don’t worry we did not forget the most popular Atlantic city and even Northlandz was amazing with a miniature railroad.

Kids had so many places to enjoy and we realized how wrong we were in our evaluation of the place. There couldn’t have been a better place for them to enjoy in vacations.

The best about camping trips are you enjoy with family, get time to be close to your kids teaching them about small details in various activities and certainly know them better.

Don’t forget you also save on camping as compared to spending amount on lodging in different hotels. Remember a penny saved is a penny earned and the joy is all yours with pop up camper rentals New Jersey.

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