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The best way to explore Louisiana is by RV-ing across the state; find local RV and camper rental offices to enable you to live your dream – experience vibes of Louisiana

One of the most fascinating activities which enable you to get to know one state is to travel through it.

And Louisiana is surely one of the fantastic places you should not forget to visit because it is a state dotted with countless tourist attractions.

Additionally, the people living in Louisiana are very warm and fun-loving.

The state is divided into five distinct regions, each of them offers a variety of attractions and many recreational activities to the visitors.

One of the most visited places in Louisiana is surely New Orleans always known for its culture and history. The old section of New Orleans known as the French Quarter, displays lovely old buildings where one can experience the celebration of different cultures. But New Orleans is maybe most widely known for the biggest carnival-style parade called the Mardi Gras. If you are lucky to be there at the time of the festival you will be certainly overwhelmed by explosion of joy seen on the streets.

Driving about 140 miles to the west of New Orleans, you will come to Avery Island, home of the world famous Tabasco sauce. This beautiful place is surrounded by swamps and marshes.

French Quarters in New Orleans is obviously one of exceptions in your RV-ing trip. You visit it by walking, and the Free Tours By Foot may be one of the best options to enjoy this charming old town.... :-)

Source: www.freetoursbyfoot.com/new-orleans-tours/

While traveling through Louisiana, make sure to visit the world’s longest bridge – Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge. Old State Capitol is another great place in gothic-revival style, impressive as well inside as outside. The whole building resembles an old castle.
 When you come to Lafayette you must see Vermilionville that features traditions and heritage of the Acadian settlers from the late 18th and early 19th century. It is a history museum featuring exhibits, artisans, live performances and many more.

Since Louisiana is famous for its swamps, one of the very interesting and “must-to-do” activities is a swamp river cruise in Cajun Country. Atchafalaya River is the largest swamp in North America where you can find very rich variety of flora and fauna.
Thirty minutes north of the capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge is the small historic town, St Francisville where you can see many plantation homes which are considered as the best in Louisiana.

Louisiana offers attractions for all kinds of travelers and the most exciting way to explore them is by renting a camper. If you are not sure where to rent one here are some of the companies that are renting different types of recreational vehicles.

Bates RV Rentals offers a great selection of Class A, Class C, Diesel motor homes and travel trailers that will provide you comfort and freedom when on your vacation. All the vehicles are easy to operate and most of them don’t require any special license.

Bates RV Rentals
2228-A Rees Street Ext.
Breaux Bridge, LA 70517
Website: rvrentalsplus.com

Source: www.millersrv.com/menu_option_Rentals.asp

Miller’s RV Center is providing motor homes of different floor plans (currently four motor-homes with 3 different floor-plans). All motor homes can be rented for $299 per day with a 3 day minimum. They are equipped with a rear queen bed, 2 side bunk beds and an extra bed over the cab. Each sleeping area has its own TV/DVD, dully equipped kitchen and everything that you might need.

Miller’s RV Center
12912 Florida Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Website: millersrv.com

Motor home Rentals of Louisiana LCC: They rent Luxury Class "A & C " Motorhomes since 1978, privately owned and operated,

 The company is located in the New Orleans area , next to the Armstrong Airport

Motor home Rentals of Louisiana LCC is privately owned and operated company since 1987. The company located in the area of New Orleans is renting diesel pushers, toy haulers and slide outs. The units are ideal for family vacations since they can sleep lot of people. The vehicles can be rented on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Motor home Rentals of Louisiana LCC
2816 Kingston St. Suite A
Kenner, LA 70062
Website: rentalmotorhome.com

Visitor's story.....

I had always planned a party for my beloved on Valentine’s Day but this time I decided to surprise her with a small trip to Louisiana.

"How lovely" was her reaction and she was overwhelmed to hear that it was a camping trip.

Perhaps the reason was that we were both nature lovers and idea of spending few days together beside nature deemed splendid.

So we went on and stalked with pop up camper rentals Louisiana.

We chose Kisatchie national forest as our camp site and truly there couldn’t have been a better place than this.

The forest covers around 90miles of vast area including 42 well developed recreational sites.

It offers great experience for activities like boating, backpacking, cycling, fishing, horseback riding and swimming. We had some memorable moments together enjoying these activities and lounging in pop up camper rentals was an equally great experience at night.

We visited few places of historic exhibits like one downriver from New Orleans that witnessed the great battle of war in 1812. Cane river national heritage area was great too, we got a chance to visit museums, fish hatchery and alligator park in the place. The place houses lot of natural plantation that deems rather delightful for tourists. Hence in all I can say it was great experience for us besides nature and truly enjoying every inch of it.

We visited a site about 380 acres extensive that had about seven concentric earthen ridges, exceptional structures perhaps nature’s great art. We were so mesmerized with natural wonders that we even extended our trip for one day.

When I reflect my thoughts to the memorable trip now I feel good that I chose to go camping with pop up camper rentals Louisiana, or else things could have fallen apart due to poor arrangements.

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