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Renting an RV camper in Kansas (if you do not own one) and getting on the road is the best way to explore this picturesque land of prairies and numerous attractions.

Kansas is a picturesque land of rolling prairies and wheat fields but do not be mistaken, the state is not all about wheat and sunflowers (true, they are much nicer).

This interesting state boasts colorful history, sprawling grasslands and urban centers to explore.

To get to many Kansas’ attraction the best option is to rent a camper and to engage into a wonderful adventure of traveling around the state and see places known not only nationally but also worldwide.

Touring around the Kansas it is almost unthinkable not to visit the Kansas’ State Capitol in Topeka featuring bronze statues of Abraham Lincoln and a Pioneer Mother and Child. Heading towards Oakley 20 miles to the south, visitor will find the Monument Rocks also known as the Chalk Pyramids. These natural formations formed about 80 million years ago  display amazing variety of marine reptilian fossils.

 For outdoor fans, the 1,000 acre Lake Scott State Park is a great place for biking, camping, swimming, hiking and wildlife observation. Since Kansas is known for prairies, the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is one of the best places to get the closer look at the prairie. At this magnificent place you can see about 150 species of birds, 500 species of plants and 31 species of mammals.

A trip to Botanica Wichita Gardens is something that can’t be forgotten. It is like a trip to more than 24 different gardens in one place, they include a butterfly garden, children’s garden and rock garden….. One of the best Zoos in the world is Sedgwick County Zoo opened in 1971 and is considered as number one tourist attraction in Kansas. You will find here over 2,000 animals of 436 species….

These are just few of the great and interesting locations that must be seen in the state. Frankly, renting a camper maybe the best way to see most of them…. Some rental companies in Kansas that may help you to fulfill your dream vacation are listed below.


Ottawa RV Rental is specialized in renting pop-up campers and travel trailers that can be towed by cars, mini vans, small SUVs and half-ton pick-ups. The company is located just 30 minutes south of Kansas City and all their vehicles can sleep up to 10 people thus making them very economical and affordable. The prices for pop-ups are from $90 and for travel trailers from $150.

Ottawa RV Rental
2571 S. Hwy 59
Ottawa, KS 66067


Adventure RV & Truck Center is the premier RV dealer in Wichita selling new and used recreational vehicles as well as renting them. The units that can be rented at Adventure RV are fully equipped and well maintained Class C and Class A motor homes. It is a family owned business operating since 1999 and providing travelers with good products at very fair prices.

Adventure RV & Truck Center
4650 South Broadway
Wichita, KS


Cruise America is a nation-wide company with rental offices in most of US states and Canada! Just select the city on their website and see where to find the rental office!

Cruise America
328 N Andover Road
Andover, KS

Visitor's story.....

Kansas is still very much a nature’s wonder in contrast to commercial cities we visit everyday.

It is essentially an agricultural state with small engrossing activities like boating, fishing, biking and perhaps few historic stories about native tribes of the place.

Such wonderful places spells explore me with your efforts and spend every moment of your trip with my hikes and trials, so camping was perhaps the perfect option for Kansas.

Perfect but not so logical hence it was difficult taking a chance with pop up camper rentals Kansas but we let it have a go!

Tall grass prairie national reserve was great to begin our tour. It had an exceptional gamut of past and present cultural features of America. Children’s fountain was another amazing structure we came across at Missouri highway 9. It consists of six children playing in water representative of future generations.

Our ultimate destination was Swope Park that had an enormous entertainment area with several parks, sporty fields and recreational activities. It also houses blue river golf course and starlight theater. It is home to famous Kansas City zoo that offers quite a range of animal exhibits including reptiles and amphibians too.

The place is a campers dream with lakeside nature center and amenities accessible to them. Visit to Kansas museum was absolutely delightful as display of historic artifacts and exquisite designing with intricate detailing was indeed worth a visit.

The experience and trip was not just camping but enjoying few historical structures and embedded delights in natural breezes. It seems impractical at times when we think about camping trips perhaps we foresee obscurity.

It’s all fallacy, trust me with pop up camper rentals Kansas the camping trip was even more enchanting than I could ever expect it to be.

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