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Planning to visit Iowa? Then find what to see, where to be and where to rent an RV or camper trailer to make it happen :-)

Iowa is known as the Food Capital of the world because it is located in the Corn Belt.

It is also referred to as the American Heartland because it was a home to the Native Americans called Iowans.

Due to the omnipresent agribusiness many people think that Iowa is not an interesting destination for traveling, but that is a very simplistic point of view.

Iowa has very diverse topography; it is bordered by the “Mighty” Rivers - Mississippi, Missouri and Big Sioux.

State offers lot of cultural opportunities and for the outdoor enthusiasts there are waiting much to do-hiking, camping, fishing, boating…..

Since Iowa is very rich in historical heritage, there are many historical spots to visit, especially along the mighty river Mississippi. Furthermore, plenty of state parks will help you to explore the state’s nature.
One of the major tourist attractions in Iowa is the Amana Colonies created, built and settled by German Pietists.

Welcome to Iowa..... :-)

The place consists of seven villages and has been registered as national historic landmark since 1965.

For the lover of amusement parks, the Adventureland Park in Altoona is a great place to be, especially with kids.

It is a huge park with all kinds of wet and dry rides, Another amazing park is the Lost Island Waterpark near Waterloo, which is actually a jungle-themed park centered around a Polynesian village. This popular summertime attraction offers plenty of water and tube rides, tree houses, wave pool and many other activities.

If you love animals than Blank Park Zoo is the place right for you. The Zoo spreads on an area of 49 acres out of which 22 have been used for animal exhibits. You will find there such rare animals as red panda, golden headed tamarin, two-toed sloth, Egyptian fruit bat, to name only few. In order to explore the beauty of nature, visit Des Moines Botanical Center, located on 14 acres along the east bank of the Des Moines River. Skiers and snowboarders can enjoy winter in Sundown Mountain, which offers 21 trails for snow sports. The Iowa State Capitol building located in Des Moines, is an architectural masterpiece. It is 275 feet high and its dome is covered with 23 karat gold. The interior of the building is a display of 29 different types of marble.

All in all, Iowa is a wonderful place where you can enjoy different activities and see many beautiful sights and the best way to do so is traveling in camper. Renting one is the best option, so here are some well known places where to rent a camper for a tour of Iowa.

Autorama RV Center is the Midwest largest RV dealer offering the biggest selection of recreational vehicles from all the most recognized RV brands. In addition to sales and service, the company also offers rental units: travel trailers and motor homes. Travel trailers are very affordable since they can sleep up to six people and the rates are from $150 a day, while motor homes can sleep from five to eight people depending on the model and the rates start from $220.

Autorama RV Center
2227 SE 14th Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50320
 Website: autoramarv.com

Your next adventure on the road is waiting at Autorama RV Center. Whatever you're looking for, we've got tons of selection to choose from. Motorhomes, campers, and recreational vehicles are ready to drive off our lot. With great prices, and top notch service, you'll love the road ahead.

Webster City RV is located in Central Iowa offering a great selection of recreational vehicles for selling and renting. The company provides you with excellent vehicles at affordable prices. Webster City RV is considered as one of the most reliable rental company in Iowa. Their units are equipped with complete kitchen, bath and sleeping facilities. Since they have a wide variety of models that match everybody’s needs, renting a motor home seems to be a perfect solution for fun on the open road and camping adventures. To rent a motor home at Webster City RV charges about $275 per day with a 3 day minimum, or $1,600 per week. Camper rentals are much more economical starting from $150 a day or $900 a week.

Webster City RV
301 Closz Drive
Webster City, IA 50595
Website: webstercityrv.com

Lichtsinn Motors is family owned business operating for over 35 years. It is located in Forest City. The company has the fleet consisting of motor homes that can sleep up to 8 people or travel trailers that have sleeping capacity of 9 people. These recreational vehicles can be rented for $495 a weekend or $695 a week. Each vehicle comes with full kitchen, LCD HDTV, living area and sleeping space.
Lichtsinn Motors
826 Highway 69 North
Forest City, IA50436
Website: lichtsinn.com

Visitor's story......

Vacations are fun time for family. I really look forward to it as I can fully loosen up and squander quality time with my family.

When my family chose the beautiful state of Iowa for vacations I felt ecstatic and instantly decided it to be a camping trip.

On a friend’s recommendation we decided to proceed with pop up camper rentals Iowa.

The splendid state near Mississippi river has an amazing treasure of parks, historic museums and recreational activities.

Our visit to Maquoketa Caves States Park was a wonderful experience.

It’s an exceptional place with con rocks and granite formed caves that take you back into thousands of years. It would be advisable to carry an old pair of shoes and a worn out jeans to truly enjoy the place.

We even sneaked time to view the incredible effigy mound national monument. The place has over two to three hundred mounds preserved and wonderful effigies of birds and bears. It was indeed an exceptional day trip.

Pikes Peak state park was again a brilliant spot for us. We had a wonderful time hiking amidst rocky structures and oak trees. Few spectacular views are still with me in pictures. A perfect advice to campers would be to confirm on the weather before proceeding for a camp there just to make sure that climate is appropriate.

There were other interesting structures like Walter’s cedar rock house, memorable construction of old times but built with exceptional style. There is Adventureland for kiddie’s fun that perhaps settles for rest of the fun in trip.

A magnificent blend of nature and impressive historic discoveries is how I would describe Iowa.

Thanks to my friend who suggested pop up camper rental Iowa and made this trip special for us.

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