Camper Rentals Mississippi (MS)

Pop up camper rentals Mississippi is perhaps your best companion for an amazing camping weekend.

For all those who enjoy outdoor activities and nature, the state of Mississippi should be a great vacation destination.

The state offers beautiful landscapes, lakes, streams and coming with them biking adventures, fishing trips, horse rides and so on…..

The truth is that Mississippi is a place where you can relax and start enjoying the mixture of legends, historical past and today’s reality…….

Probably the most popular attraction in Mississippi is the “legendary” Mississippi River itself which was declared a historical site.

Despite of being heavily “abused” by traffic of cargo barges, Mississippi River was able the preserve many areas in their natural state. Thanks to that, the river along its long run provides the sanctuary for over 320 types of birds.

Mississippi River is also famous for water skiing and has seven National Parks. Located in Jackson, the Museum of Natural Science is a 73,000 square feet complex which introduces the world of exciting exhibits, nature trails and an open-air amphitheatre. While in Jackson you should visit the Jackson Zoo which is the home to about 800 animals belonging to 120 different species.

Let's live it together: Natchez Trace Parkway from Lorman to Natchez

Jackson is also the home to Old Capitol dating back to the 1830s. Today it is a National Landmark operating as a museum with free access for public.

Another amazing place worth seeing (or rather driving through) is Natchez Trace Parkway. Along its length of 444 miles across the state, drivers experience truly breathtaking scenery and beautiful landscapes. This All-American Road replaced a historic trail created by Native Americans. Today it is administered by the National Park Service and serves only for touristic purpose (commercial traffic is forbidden and speed is limited to 50 mph).

Thanks to these limitations, the area along the road is one of the top Mississippi attractions where visitors can go biking, horseback riding, camping and exploring challenging trails.

A trip around Mississippi would not be complete if you don’t visit Gulf Coast Beaches and don’t try water activities. Just some ideas - you will enjoy there paddle sports, kayaking, boat cruising….

Visit the Ocean Springs town - a heaven for artists and all kinds of craftsmen. You will feel here strong presence of the “Southern” past, memorized by historic churches from the late 1800s. Another great town attracting visitors is Biloxi. You will find here the mixture of the colonial past and modern era entertainment centers (casinos and gambling!) !
Biloxi Lighthouse is a place that must be visited. It was built in 1848 as the first cast-metal lighthouse in the South….

If you decide to travel around Mississippi, you should consider renting a recreational vehicle since the state has plenty of campgrounds and RV parks located near major attractions.

Following are few RV rental companies that you can trust:

Midsouth Motorcoach offers the most diverse rental fleet to fit any budget. The company is located in Horn Lake 10 minutes south of Memphis. The daily rates range from $99 to $399 depending on the model but three nights minimum rental is required. The company is also selling recreational vehicles.

Midsouth Motorcoach
6900 Sartain DriveHorn Lake, MS


Dad’s Camper Outlet located in Picayune is renting travel trailers on daily, weekly or monthly basis. The vehicles are ideal for family vacationing and the rates depend on the model you choose to rent. No matter if you just want to rent a vehicle for a weekend, or for a longer vacation, the company has the unit for you.

Dad’s Camper Outlet
1380 South Haugh Ave
Picayune, MS 39466


Visitor's story.....

Camping is an outstanding experience for adventurous people and nature lovers, the thrill of spending nights in open air is simply awesome.

I made this opinion only after a great camping trip to Mississippi.

With abundant nature to soothe my eyes I thought camping would be ideal for this place.

But to my surprise it was setting up a home away from home with pop up camper rentals.

The place is ideal for campers with state and national parks accessorized with appropriate necessities. The city has amazing list of historical sites and gulf seashores we even visited few of them like Brice crossroads national battlefield site, Natchez national historical park and gulf islands national seashore. You ought to have right guidance to move in the city as several beaches and coasts have been hit by hurricanes tempering with lives.

As several famous celebrities have ties with this city the museums here out list in number as compared to other places. We got a chance to visit birthplace of Elvis Presley and even geyser Water Park was quite good.

It offered some of the best water plays like Thunder Lake, creaky leaky water factory are just a few to mention amidst the rest. We had heard about Jackson’s zoological park too hence we gave priority to visiting that instead of other interesting sites.

Apart from this the campsites had great opportunity for unstoppable fun like fishing, swimming and surfing. There were several excellent locations that stole my heart, no trouble of lodging and I felt like a free bird.

I never thought that taking pop up camper rentals Mississippi would be a complete change of mindset about camping trips for me.

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